Web Apps Development

We develop web apps that are fully tested for both desktop and mobile view. We can develop any type of web application depending on your need and demand. Visit the services page for more details.

Mobile Apps Development

We also develop Android & IOS apps fully functional on iOs and Android platforms on most devices. You give us the idea and we develop it for you. Visit the services page for more details.

Mobile & Web App Testing

Do you have a Mobile or Web Application? We can help you test your app and make it ready to hit the market. Visit the services page for more details.

Multi-Platform Apps

We develop affordable and quality web and mobile fully-fledged applications for your organization or campaign. Our experienced team also provides support for your applications on different platforms.

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Networking Solutions

Our team, with expertise in networking shall help your organization in network infrastructure design, network device selection, implementation, layout and testing among other related services. Visit the services page for more details.

Systems Design & Maintenance

From crafting concepts to designing infrastructures and implementing them, get in touch with us to assist in corporate systems design & maintenance. Interested in Customer Relationship Management System, Finance Management System or Database Management? We are here to help. Visit the services page for more details.

Technical Support & Capacity Building

Are you need of corporate I.T. training and capacity building? Do you have a specific I.T. challenge to address with your staff members? Or you would like regular maintenance and support. Contact us to help in these and more. Visit the services page for more details.

Best IT Solutions

From network infrastructure design, to implementation, systems design & maintenance, data recovery, computer repair and maintenance, database design & administration, & technical support, let us help you move your business to another level.

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Social Media Marketing Process

We embrace clients’ ideas and assist them in developing a social media marketing concept, develop content, distribution it and analyze and measure results. Visit the services page for more details.

Social Media Networks

We’ve mastered most of the social media networks and we shall study your company’s goals and operations to determine which ones to use, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so many more. Visit the services page for more details.

Social Media Analysis

At Forwards, we combine the knowledge to use the best tools to measure and analyze results for any social media campaign. We’ve mastered Insights and Analytics from the most advanced measuring tools. Visit the services page for more details.

Do You Need to Start a Campaign?

Our team studies your organization’s goals and objectives, help in developing a social media marketing strategy and campaign, developing content, launching the campaign, distributing the content and analyzing and measuring the results.

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Website Development

We develop dynamic, responsive, adaptive and secure websites for any kind of organization or individuals at affordable prices. We’ve mastered common CMS like WordPress & Drupal, and different languages like PHP, Node.js, AJAX and Python among others. Visit the services page for more details.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you stuck with your website, not making any impact? Our team has mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques to adjust your website and improve your ranking in search engines, for more clients to find you. Visit the services page for more details.

Domain Registration & Website Hosting

We have affordable web hosting packages that can make your website stay up and running, with no fail for a full year. We use secure servers and provide 24hr technical support in case of any need.

We can also assist you to register any kind of domains, ranging from top level to country level domains for your organization. Visit the services page for more details.

Affordable, Dynamic Websites

At Forwards Uganda we give you the best for your websites at prices that can be afforded by anyone. Just look no where else if you need website services we are here for you.

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