The Journey of Reopening Safely after COVID-19 Lockdown (Part 1 of 3)

Empty streets with parked cars

Last week, I joined Price Waterhouse Cooper’s (PwC) webinar highlighting tips on how to move forward with new ways of working, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, I know you’re also looking forward to the relaxation and uplifting of the lockdown and curfew, especially when you hear a lot of countries previously affected, reopening their cities and borders to allow for normalcy of business operations and everyday lifestyle.

I can as well tell how you’ve been missing that evening hangout with buddies at that bar on your way back home, watching your favourite TV show (sometimes with friends at home) and gossiping about it early morning or during lunch hour break at work. For men, we can never understand why our entertaining football leagues were put on halt, worse still, with a few matches left for trophies to be won. Was this a dream or a reality? How can we forget those serious CEOs and Managers with early morning meetings, ooush! Some of you miss that early rush hour chaotic movements, with taxi conductors pulling you by hand to board their matatus or that tough traffic officer who holds you in traffic jam, until you re-dream your late-night dreams. Who does that?

Gone are the days of social merry making and gatherings

Well, lets take a pause and learn something together here. We should agree that a lot has changed and will continue to change. The earlier we put that in our minds, the better. Take a pause here, drink a glass of water and resume, ensuring that you’ve understood that a lot has, is and will continue to change.

Empty streets with parked cars

Now that you’re back, let’s ask ourselves. Didn’t they say, that the only constant is change itself? Well, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where change is inevitable but quite often unbearable, or finds us unprepared.

So, let’s get back to our point

Though we all miss a lot; our distant family members, cruising your parked brand-new car, hugging your colleagues, visiting our favourite night spots, recreation grounds, attending prayers and dining from our favourite restaurant; something new should come to our mind. Change has come and it’s the only thing that never changes.

As someone with background and investments in the I.T. sector, I can confirm that there has been a sporadic increase in the use of internet, for online shopping (e-commerce platforms); webinars (video conferences); online meetings via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet; online studying for students now at home and live casting via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for prayer sessions and entertainment. If you haven’t realized yet, there are many people whose lifestyles have been changed forever, that they find the current situation so suitable. For such individuals, relaxing or lifting lockdowns may not be a big deal.

Mum teaching her child from home
Mum teaching her child from home

The reset caused by COVID-19 has increased the willingness of individuals to try new things and adapt to new ways of working and living

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