The Journey of Reopening Safely after COVID-19 Lockdown (Part 2 of 3)

Guests at a street restaurant

So, while we get excited and demand for lifting lockdowns there are a few issues we need to consider as we prepare to reopen safely. These matter for, individuals, communities and governments as well.

1. Accept that there’s a pandemic, COVID-19, which is still active. At the time of writing this, it had killed more than 320,000 people worldwide. (Source: Wikipedia COVID 19 Pandemic data).

2. Accept that God is in control, that’s why you’ve been kept alive till this day you’re reading this. In all we do, we shall always come to a conclusion that we can’t do or be anything without God. If it’s true that the corona virus was initiated from a scientific laboratory, then that makes it a biological weapon, a weapon that is meant to kill people. So, let’s ask ourselves, which are God’s laws that are emphasized most? You guessed right. Love your God with all your heart and love your neighbour as you love yourself. If we truly loved our neighbours as we love ourselves and feared the Lord God Almighty, who would think of developing such a virus? If it was developed and contracted, who would think of intentionally spreading it to others? Let’s embrace God, as the author of our lives, since he says it himself that ‘no weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).

3. Understand that the lockdown and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are meant to protect us from contracting the corona virus and the deadly COVID-19

4. Realize that you and I have never been in such a situation, so no one should pretend that they know better. Therefore, let’s listen to all guidelines and suggestions to help us handle the situation and overcome this pandemic

5. Understand that we have all lost in one way or another. I may have lost money, you may have lost your job, your savings, plans, time, social engagements, status or worse still, a family member or loved one. After accepting the loss, the next step should be road to recovery.

Guests at a street restaurant
Guests at a street restaurant

Let’s understand that a lot has changed. So many employees are now working from home, your favourite hangout is closed and you don’t really know when it will reopen or who will be managing it by the time it opens. There are more travel restrictions than there has been before, and this may continue for some months ahead. Meetings, prayers, education, entertainment and many other engagements are majorly being conducted online, and this trend may continue for some time ahead. Companies, organizations, institutions and individuals who didn’t have social media accounts are rushing to open them up. Those who have smartphones are now embracing them more than before, especially for online communication and shopping, not forgetting that families have been brought closer than before.

Online shopping via smartphone
Online shopping via smartphone

So how should we journey through the reopening, safely?

Embrace new ways of working.


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