We are Forwards

Who are we?

Forwards Uganda is a privately limited liability owned distinctive company, trading as Forwards LLC, dealing in quite a number of services, ranging from information and communication technology to business solutions.

We are proud to present to you yet another trend of quality and professional services – services that do not only cater for your immediate needs but also provide a platform for future expansion; services that are, ‘just ahead’.

1. Our Vision

To tally advancement in technology with growth in our clients’ operations and everyday life.

2. Our Mission

To provide good quality and futuristic services in I.T, digital marketing and business solutions to corporate, individuals and community groups.

3. Our Objectives

  1. To provide professional and up to date electronic & digital marketing services
  2. To provide excellent services in I.T. solutions, marketing, business solutions, project management
  3. To develop a discipline in web and mobile apps development basing on current and emerging technologies
  4. To extend cost effective I.T. services to rural areas.
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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

We always consider our clients’ needs at all levels in our development process, to help our team develop apps that exceedingly meet our clients’ requirements.

Studying the client’s needs is a core integral part of our development process, as we develop with the latest tools. Check out our development process for detailed information.

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Why choose us?

  • Quality services: All our services are developed with a higher quality touch. We value the quality of our services as a differentiating factor from the rest out there,
  • Wider knowledge: We pride of a team with wider knowledge in technology, app development, digital marketing and management.
  • Security is core: Cyberspace is the current war zone, that’s why security is core to our development process.
  • Affordable pricing: We understand customer needs and provide affordable services, at negotiable prices.
  • Full-time support: Even after completion of your project, we shall still be available and approachable for further needs and support.
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Meet our team

With a growing and dedicated team, we ensure that our clients’ needs are executed promptly and diligently. Meet some of the members behind our core services and projects.

Would like to join us? Check out our careers page, for more information.

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Patrick Kateregga
Digital Marketing & Developer

Godfrey Ahimbisibwe
Senior Marketer & Strategist

Ishak Kanonya
Senior Developer

Aaron Muzira
Senior Developer