Total School Assistant

Total School Assistant (TSA) is a technological approach to all school information management challenges. It was developed to enable schools fully exploit I.C.T platforms in execution and management of school activities, comprehensively with one central system.

In achieving its ultimate goal, it among others focuses on: simplifying the processing of all school data with quick, cost effective solutions; remotely connecting different groups of people to the information that they need relating to the school; lessening the costs and challenges; facilitating reliable long term storage and retrieval of information which is generated and needed by the school; and facilitating secure access to all information held by the school.

The system captures and stores such students & school related data such as admissions, fees payments, marks data including final report generation, requirements brought, attendance, etc. plus other administrative features such as inventory management, planning, Human resources management, payroll data processing, Supplies Management, document management, among others.

Project: Web App Development
Initiated: February 2017
Project Name: Total School Assistant