IT Solutions

We offer a wide variety of I.T. services, ranging from, data recovery, computer repair, computer maintenance, system design & maintenance, networking solutions, technical support, corporate IT training & capacity building, among others.

Networking solutions

In Networking solutions, we design and implement network infrastructure, telephone and telecom services, fiber optic and internet installations, implement network security solutions and manage and support all types of networks.

Is it for a home, small office or large corporation? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Technical support & emergency

Are you experiencing a hardware or computer failure, software glitch, downed network, data loss or network security concern? At Forwards, we understand how IT systems, hardware & software operate and how to get everything back up and running when there’s any glitch.

If you have network, hardware or software issues, contact us today for fast and effective assistance.

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Corporate IT support & capacity building

We provide technical support, IT training and corporate capacity building.

Our services are suitable for all kinds of clients, including individuals, homes, company offices, schools, institutions and other organizations among others. And our price quotations are friendly and negotiable after studying the client’s requirements and needs.

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In need of any IT solution?

Contact our team for technical support, glitch identification & fix and corporate IT capacity buidling.