Social Media Marketing

If it ain’t on Social Media, it ain’t happening!

We use this phrase while dealing with our clients planning to launch or move forward their products and services using social media. Since its inception in early 2000s, Social Media has provided one of the most cost-effective marketing platforms that has helped businesses to reach millions of prospective clients in the shortest time ever.

Unbeatable social media marketing and management

How we work

With our experience at Forwards, we study the company’s requirements and line of products or services to make the right decision on which platforms to use for the highest returns on investment, while providing time-frame on results. We help our clients in concept development, content development, platform selection, content distribution, analysis & reporting.

We’ve also mastered different tools to analyze results and follow through social media campaigns to always tweak your campaign in the right direction.

1. Strategy formulation and planning

For everything social media campaign, formulating a strategy and content planning is our first step.

2. Content development & distribution

Content is King! Content is vital during campaigns, so we help in developing the right content and select relevant channels to distribute it.

3. Analysis and Reporting

At every step of implementation, we measure and analyze the results for better impact and return on investment.

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Which networks do we handle?

Social Media Networks are selected in relation to the campaign to be run. Specific campaigns require a specific target market, which we first analyze. In general we handle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Trip Advisor, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Flickr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Behance and Tumblr among many others.

Which tools do we use?

We combine a number of social media tools to deliver results, among which include, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube Analytics, Tweet Deck, Hootsuite, Keyhole, Sprout Social, Klout Social (Lithium), Oracle SRM and Google Analytics among others.

We also analyze frequently developed and upcoming tools for their viability.

For further guidance, please visit our development process page.

Planning for your next social media campaign?

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